16 Jan
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Brewing Some Winter Relief

Last night brew was not without major issues. The night started with Tom getting a call from his wife saying that his son was starting to get sick. Half way through the brew she called again and said he was throwing up. So from the middle to the end Tom was going a million miles an hour to get home to little Tommy. This caused some very fun incidents that Carlo was luckily there to help fix.

1. Tom spilled 20% of his grains on the ground
2. Tom has 2 boil overs
3. When topping the fermenter Tom squueze the rubber seal into the wort (causing carlo to have to fish it out)

So as you can see it was an interesting night. I only hope this beer’s taste can match the excitement. Stay Tuned!

Bethel-20130115-00364 Bethel-20130115-00365 Bethel-20130115-00366

So, what do you think?

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