10 Jan
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Discussion over the future growth of Do Good Brewing

A meeting of the minds took place last night over some Famous Tacconelli Pizza and amazing beer between myself (Thomas Sheridan) and Benjamin Bedard to discuss the future of the Do Good Brewing Company and what comes next on this amazing journey. I envision it had the same atmosphere and sense of unknown excitement that the meeting of the minds had while drafting the constitution, or that could of just been the 8th glass of 9% beer.
Anyway, I’m happy to report that things look very good for Do Good moving forward. As we have from day 1, I will continue to keep you updated along our journey. Things should begin to get very exciting in the next few months to come.

As always, if your interested in tasting some of our beer please drop me an email. We have dates scheduled for events where we will be pouring our beer for free for all to enjoy and we would love to see you there. My email is tom@dogoodbrewing.com



So, what do you think?

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