1 Jan
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The Do Good Brewing Company Story

This blog was created so we can more efficiently tell our story from home-brewing, to brewery conceptualization, and finally (fingers crossed) to the launch of our brewery. Up until now, the whole story has been recorded on our facebook wall seen here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Do-Good-Brewing-Company/281569625286981 . Starting now, we will first post on this blog and then add a link to our FB page. If you want to see all the cool pics from the past 3 months then please go to our FB page but a quick recap of everything that has been done to date is below:

1. Read about 8 books on the science of brewing and the brewing industry
2. Found two partners, Benjamin and Carlo (who will hopefully officially come on board this month in contract form)
3. Made 12 batches of Extract and Partial Grain Beer
4. Attended a few beer classes
5. Had Labels designed
6. Wrote 26 Page Business Plan
7. Started attending the Philly Homebrew Club Meeting
8. I’m about to enter into All Grain Brewing

Things are going to start getting really interesting in the coming days and weeks. A meeting between myself , Benjamin and Carlo is hopefully going to be scheduled for this month. I have begun scoping out possible 1st stage brewery locations as well. All interesting and fun details will be posted. Stay Tuned!


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